Town of Frenchville, Proposal for Revaluation Services Bid


 All questions and proposals shall be addressed to:

The Town of Frenchville,
Attn: David D. Cyr,
285 US Route 1
PO Box 97
Frenchville, ME 04745

All bids shall be in writing and placed within a sealed envelope marked “Town of Frenchville, Proposal for Revaluation Services Bid” and mailed or delivered to the Frenchville Town Office.  Five copies of the proposals are requested.

Proposals must be received at the Frenchville Town Office by 4:00 PM on November 1, 2022.  The proposals will be opened at the Frenchville Board of Selectpeople meeting on that day at 6:30 PM.

All information pertaining to the contractor’s technical and managerial approach to completing this project, as well as the proposed price and timetable, shall be presented in the proposal.  The proposal must address, at a minimum, each of the issues set forth in the Request for Proposal to be considered responsive.

The Town of Frenchville reserves the right to amend this Request for Proposals for Revaluation Services, and the other services described, at any time prior to the deadline for submission for proposals, and to reject any or all proposals received if it determines it to be in its best interest to do so.


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